Tony Sour’s DK Takes You Straight into the Jungle for the Biggest Monkey Rager You’ll Ever See

Tony Sour of Blue Label Records released Donkey Kong-inspired trap hit DK on SoundCloud earlier this week, and it is setting straight-up fire to the streams of thousands of SoundCloud users.

Based out of Kelowna, BC, Sour’s label Blue Record Labels rosters six artists who are known to “bend the rules, and maybe even break them from time to time.” Bending the rules is exactly what Sour has done in his latest track DK, which creates an overwhelmingly accurate jungle-like setting with its energetic melody and hard-hitting drums.

Apparent in all of his releases, Sour is telling a story with his music. His last piece, Propane, which took inspiration from cinematic/trance music, used sustained chords, cinematic melodies, and crisp vocals to create an air-like, dreamy setting. In line with Sour’s trap aesthetic, he built up the suspense with his cinematic sounds, only to create a “propane’ like explosion of hard hitting 808’s and Armageddon-like chords. Propane resembled that of a tragic love story with Sour’s juxtaposing use of cinematic and trap sounds.

In his latest release DK, Tony tells a different story; a story that is set in the energetic amazon jungle. Using layers upon layers of textures, Tony sour is able to replicate both the eerie sense of being lost in the jungle and the accompanying sense of adventure for the unknown. This adventure lies in the spirit of the animal, and in Sour’s case, more specifically, the monkey.

DK is the party anthem of the jungle, and we’re sure there’s some monkey business to be had.

The freshness of DK is sure to earn itself into the Summer ‘16 playlists of many. With a track like this, I am excited to hear what Sour and Blue Label Records releases next.

Catch the track on Tony Sour’s SoundCloud here.

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