Styline Immerses Power House Fans in New Tropical Remix

Styline releases new immersive, thematically tropical rain forest remix.

German artist, Styline, has proven himself as an essential visionary and independent artist that any power house fan should be listening to. After establishing himself in the industry and pioneering his own unique Power House Genre, he integrates both mainstream and underground characteristics and has been picked up by prominent electronic labels including Spinnin’ RecordsArmadaSony’s Epic Recordings and Sosumi.

And now he’s giving away his new Pierce Fulton remix, Kuaga as a free download! Listen to his new remix here.

Currently, Styline has a monthly residency at one of the most boutique clubs in Asia, M1NT Shanghai. He has become a favorite amongst many influential clients and brands including Ferrari, Pioneer, Samsung, Google, Hublot, Sennheiser and Adidas. Recently, he teamed up with Tag Heuer for an exclusive collaboration that covered all of their events, videos and advertisements in Greater China.

He will continue to be such a powerful artist by keeping his audiences immersed in his live shows, flawless productions and taste-making imprint.

He has 1 million subscribers on YouTube, over 200k followers on Facebook, and two years of experience touring all over the world which is all the proof audiences need to know that all he puts out is of the highest quality.

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