Avicii - Levels (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex carries on his dance floor domination by ripping it up on this excellent Avicii track – Levels. This latest dubstep banger is simply huge at the moment, with its complex house-inspired layers, Skrillex’s signature aggressive drops and combine this with an extremely catchy couple of hooks and your there. Imagine filling stadiums with oh-so-keen ravers, ready to do anything to skunk to only the best dubstep, and this is pretty much the song that comes to mind.

Sick of all the Skrillex bashing, its just unessacery, simply because he is enjoying some commercial success and ok there are a few of the familiar sounds, but it will still get everyone moving!

Avicii also known as Tim Berg and is a Swedish DJ, remixer and record producer with inspiration coming from the continent and backed up by a huge house following, brining yet more people into the mix for the monster that simply won’t stop growing, dubstep!

[youtube 6s4n76ti3Xs]

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