An Interview with Terravita

Jon Spero, Matt Simmers and Chris Barlow aka Terravita have been smashing heads recently with some demolishing basslines on their new EP  “The Power of Fire”. MyDubstep’s Tim Lacker aka (Arcanum) caught up with the guys and asked them about their beginnings, their influences and what Terravita has in store for us in the near future.

1. You just released your The Power of Fire EP on Firepower Records. It’s a very unique EP in my opinion! Did you have any special inspiration?

Thanks! A big reason why the EP is different from other bass music is because we are taking influence from music outside of EDM. We are obviously inspired by other bass music and EDM artists. However if you only take influence from inside the genre you’re making,  the music can become stagnant and lack a certain level of inspiration. Our inspiration comes from many different types of music. When we were very young, our roots started in rock, metal and hip hop. We really like to balance breaching any preconceived barriers with the music and still keep is friendly to rock out to on a dance floor.

2. Do you have any further plans? Something like a tour, another EP, a remix package or a contest?

Yes.  On October 3rd we join Datsik’s Firepower label tour, along with Xkore and Getter.  We play over 30 dates on the tour.  The dates can be found on our Facebook, or on  There aren’t any contests coming up, but we are planning on getting remixes done of the track “No Room” and making a video for it.

3. When did you begin to produce bass music?

We were making drum and bass separately since 2000, but started doing Terravita around 2004.

4. What is the essence of bass music in your opinion? What makes it so special?

The essence for us is obvious within the name, where the focal point is low end. Bass music was broken apart into so many sub gernes at a point and now that it’s unified it allows a lot much musical freedom. Bass music encompasses the bpms of 70, 87, 110, 140 and 174, so it gives us the ability to change the vibe in the set. In house or techno where the bpms are locked between 126 and 130, that’s not an option. On top of that, we’re not locked into making something where a kick drum has to hit on a particular pattern to classify it.

5. Tell me, which artist is your biggest influence? (Any genre)

Pendulum has probably had the biggest effect on our music.  When Pendulum came into drum and bass their engineering changed the game to a point where you had to learn how to make your own tunes that big or you couldn’t even play them in a club if anyone else had played a Pendulum tune, which obviously everyone had played plenty of their tunes.  You can still hear that influence in the way our music sounds today.

6. What and where was the best show you played so far?

Shambhala!  We LOVE Shambhala!!!!  It’s a festival in Salmo, Brittish Columbia Canada.

7. And as last question, what would be the best festival line-up for you to play with?

Steve Aoki, Kissy Sell Out, Annie Mac, Bassnectar, Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Borgore, Flux Pavilion, Nerd Rage, J.rabbit, Bare, Skism, Evol Intent, Simon Bassline Smith, Fresh, 12th Planet, Figure, Tittsworth, Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, I mean we could literally go on forever, Just all our homies on one massive lineup!

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